Daniela de Sá

Najha was created by Daniela Sá in 2006. She entered the world of fashion and accessories through the footwear industry where she worked for seven years in a family held company but she soon realized that she would like to see her own ideas gain life combining her passion for design and her vegan lifestyle.

“I am Daniela and I was born at the heart of the Portuguese shoe industry. My grandfather was a shoe artisan, my father also became a shoe artisan and my brother is a shoe specialist. They worked in the fashion industry their entire lives and produced for the biggest brands in Europe. And I learned from all of them.

It was an honor to inherit all this knowledge through the years.  But I always wanted to become a fashion designer and create a brand, spend my days drawing, painting and creating trends. So, to realize my dream, I went to study design in Italy and now I have the pleasure to share all that I have learned with you. I am the first woman in the family business and by now the only one giving it life.

I am also in love with nature, oceans, animals and forests and as a child I was always telling my mother “When I grow up I want to save the ocean with Jacques Cousteau”. These were my dreams as a child and it is still what drives me forward – the vision of balance, passion and respect between high fashion and the Planet.”

Daniela de Sá
Founder of Najha Fashion